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Program Q_catalog


Q_catalog [file] [-T] [-i] [-s]
file: bravais_TYP containing the finite unimodular group G.


The program Q_catalog as two identities:
If called without an input file, it gives access to the database of all Q-classes of finite unimodular groups of degree up to 6. In this mode, the command 'h' will provide further help. If called with an input file, it searches for the given group in the database, and gives a unique name choosen for this Q-class.


-T    : calculate a transformation matrix transforming the input
        group G into the group given in the catalog. (2nd mode only).
-i    : output the group in the catalog which is Q-equivalent
        to the input group G. (2nd mode only).
-s    : output the family symbol of G. (2nd mode only).


It is faster to calculate the familiy symbol with Bravais_type/Symbol. The option "-s" makes sense in combination with the option "-i".
See also for Bravais_catalog/Datei, Bravais_type/Symbol and Conj_bravais.


  1. Find all Z-classes, affine classes and torsion free space groups in a given Q-class.

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