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Program QtoZ


QtoZ 'file' [-D] [-a] [-f] [-q]
file1: bravais_TYP.


Splits the Q-class of the group in 'file' into Z-classes and gives a representative for each Z-class.


-a    : Only calculates representatives of the homogeneously
        decomposable Z-classes and basis transformations
        to the remaining Z-classes (as centerings).
        This option is faster.
-D    : (For debugging:) Output is  split into  different
        files 'file'.1, 'file'.2, ... matching the
        representative groups.
-f    : recalculate the formspace even if it is given.
-q    : quiet mode.


WARNING: This program might be very time consuming, especially if the group has many Z-classes.

See also for Is_finite and Order.


  1. How do the Z-classes in the Q-class of a given group distribute into their Bravais flocks?
  2. Find all Z-classes, affine classes and torsion free space groups in a given Q-class.

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