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Program Reverse_name


Reverse_name [-c] [-i]


The program enables you to construct a space group corresponding to a name as given by CARAT. The program will read the various components of the name for the desired space group from stdin. It will then output generators for the space group, which are understood to generate the space group together with Zn.
Please note: not every name is a valid name!


-c     : do not check the name given, ie. verify that it is a valid name.
         WARNING: this could lead to a wrong name in the header of the
         resulting group
-i     : ignore that the name is invalid, and give a space group at least
         in the desired Q-class, and if exists one in the desired Z-class.
         If given without -c the resulting group will also indicate the valid


The Q-classes incorrespond to the Q-classes in degree
min.1, max.11
min.2-5, group.1-4, max.2-32
min.6-14, group.5-25, max.4-53
min.15-57, group.26-205, max.6-94
min.58-169, group.206-1042, max.10-155
min.170-667, group.1043-7636, max.16-276

See also for Extensions/Vector_system, Name, Q_catalog and QtoZ.


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