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Program Symbol


Symbol 'file' [-i] [-B] [-t] [-f]
file: bravais_TYP.


Identify the family symbol of a finite unimodular group given in 'file'.


 -i    : Identify the group in file even more,
         ie. give the position and representative of it's
         Bravais group in the catalog.
 -B    : Assume the group to be a Bravais group, ie. do not
         calculate the bravais group of it. Note, the order of
         the Bravais group must be correct.
 -t    : (Does only work in conjunction with -i) Give
         the transformation matrix which conjugates
         the given group to the group in the catalog.
 -f    : recalculate the form space even if it is given.
         (has an effect only if given with the option -i)


See also for Bravais_catalog/Datei and Q_catalog.
Symbol -i is a synonym for Bravais_type.


  1. How do the Z-classes in the Q-class of a given group distribute into their Bravais flocks?
  2. Find the dual pairs of Bravais groups in family 1;1;1;1
  3. Is the normalizer of a given group finite?

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