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Program Vectoform


Vectoform 'file1' 'file2'
file1: matrix_TYP of 1 by n matrices.
file2: matrix_TYP or bravais_TYP. If file2 is a matrix_TYP, it has to contain exactly n matrices, if it contains a bravais_TYP its space of invariant forms should be of dimension n.


For each row vector V in 'file1' a matrix A is calculated with the following property:

A = (V[1] * F1 + V[2] * F2 +...+ V[NO] * FNO),

Where is Fi are the matrices in 'file2' if 'file2' is a matrix_TYP, otherwise are the matrices describing the space of invariant forms of the bravais group in 'file2'.


See also for Formtovec.


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